Pen Cases – Storing your collection

A selection of quality Cases and storage Solutions for individual pens and Complete collections

High Quality Parker, real soft, thick leather pen case in Green. Holds 2 Pens. Mint Unused c1968. MINT UNUSED


High Quality Parker, real soft leather pen case in Red. Holds 2 Pens. Mint Unused c1972. New Old Stock


New Old Stock Parker Pen case in Extremely realistic Leather Effect finish. Holds one Pen/Pencil or Rollerball


Quality Tan coloured Real Leather Pen case  – Holds 1 Writing Instrument up to Montblanc 149 size pens. In MINT Unused condition.   Measures 160m  x 41 mm


Quality Tan coloured Thick  Leather Pen case   from Sir Rondos. MINT Condition- Holds 2 Writing Instrument  Measures 140m  x 45 mm


Beautiful Superb quality Brown Leather Watermans Case It perfect condition. Holds 2 large Pens.  Measures 165mm  x 50 mm


Beautiful Ultra Soft quality Black Leather case made by Enrico Gentili. In Perfect Condition.  Measures 175mm  x 52 mm