Esterbrook Relief & Esterbrook

Having arrived in the USA from England in 1858 Richard Esterbrook started business as "The Esterbrook Steel Pen Manufacturing Co.  in 1860 making Nibs for Dip Pens. They became prolific producers and by the early 1900's had over 250 different nibs to choose from. A few Early Eyedropper pens were made in the in 1920's but by  the mid 1930's the company began producing  colourful Plastic Fountain pens selling at a very competitive price In addition at this time it began producing Esterbrook Relief pens, most likely in collaboration with Conway Stewart in England. These are highly collectable pens and are normally fitted with left oblique 14kt gold nibs After a quite Period during the war Esterbrook began full production, one again producing , very colourful, competitively priced pens in huge quantities until the early 1960's  
Relief No.1 in Chased Black Hard Rubber and Nickel Silver trim. In Nr Mint Condition with perfect colour and Crisp Imprint.  Fitted with the original very rare straight stub 14kt Gold medium tipped nib c1932
Relief No.2-L In Black with gold filled trim. In Nr Mint Condition .  Fitted with the original Left Oblique 14kt Gold medium tipped nib c1938
Esterbrook model SJ in Pearl Red and Chrome.  In Perfect Nr MINT condition. Fitted  with the original Esterbrook  9550 very smooth medium  tipped nib  c1949
Esterbrook model J in Black and Chrome.  In Perfect condition. Fitted  with the original Esterbrook  9129 fine tipped nib c1949