Wilhelm Riepe formed his own writing instrument Company in 1928 to produce Stylographs. These are fitted with tubes containing a fine weighted wire to produce a constant line thickness and enable to user to write much more quickly than Normal Nibs. Initially this Company was called Tiku GmbH from the words Tinten-Kuli. In 1968 the Company was renamed Rotring.  A great many Stylographs, some in Superb colours, were produced in the 1930's named TinkenKuli. These are wonderful writers and are very collectable   by the 1940's Rotring (Tiku) were one of the first Companies to Begin producing Ballpoints as well as producing the extremely successful Stylographs. In the 1970's Rotring Purchased the drawing instruments division from Pelikan and developed the highly successful range of Artichect and calligraphy pens "The 400 series". After purchasing machinery from Mont Blanc in 1992,  Rotring then began adding extremely high quality Fountain pens to an already vast range of Writing instruments

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Wonderful High Quality Rotring Renaissance Fountain Pen in Black with gold fill trim. In MINT Condition. Piston Fill. Fitted with the original Left Oblique Italic nib giving a superb writing style.



Wonderful High Quality Rotring Freeway SET in Satin Silver. Fountain Pen and Ballpoint. BOTH MINT UNUSED. Fountain Pen fitted with the original  super smooth medium tipped nib.



Superb High Quality Rotring Initial  SET in Satin Silver and Chrome. Fountain Pen and Ballpoint. NEW UNUSED . Fountain Pen Fitted with the original super smooth fine tipped nib.  No Longer made by Rotring


Rotring Trio Multi Pen In Satin Silver. A well-built all-metal multifunction pen in the classic rotring industrial Bauhaus design. Gravity-select mechanism advances a black or red ballpoint function or a 0.5mm mechanical pencil. Point is retracted by pressing the top of the pocket clip. NEW OLD STOCK in original Aluminium Boz



Rotring Core Titanium Ballpoint in Grey. MINT NEW OLD STOCK in original Packaging.



Rotring Axtension Quattro Data Multi-Pen in Matte Black.  The Quattro is a single pen with 4 different tips.  The ingenious design of the Quattro is the gravity controlled tip selector.  There are 4 tip symbols at the top of the pen (Black Pen, 0.5 mm Pencil, PDA Data Point and Orange Highlighter Pen. NEW OLD STOCK IN ORIGINAL BOX



Beautiful Rotring Mailand Rollerball in Carbon Fibre and Chrome Finish. NEW OLD STOCK in original Box with unopened refill.