Sampson Mordan

The Most prolific Manufacturer of the Mechanical Pencil . Many Beautiful examples made throughout the Victorian Period and into the 20th Century. Highly sought after and Collectable

Early Mordan Pencil in Sterling Silver with Pale Yellow  stone finial. In Perfect condition . Stamped “S Mordan & Co Makers and Patentees. Measures 88 mm long closed and 108 mm when extended.



Absolutely Stunning Early Mordan Pencil in 10kt gold inset with Turquoise Stones. Beautiful hand engraved decoration with a white stone finial. In Perfect Near Mint condition with the Mordan Arrow Clearly Visible. Measures 87 mm long closed and 110 mm when extended.



RARE Early Mordan “Artists Case with Drawing Pencils”. 5 Solid Silver Pencils, Silver Extender all in original Leather Case complete with spare Leads. Five graduated pencils to accept various different sized leads in varying grades. In Absolutely remarkable Mint Condition. Case Measures 94 mm long, Pencils vary in Length.  Extremely Collectable Item, Complete with all items and in Mint condition.


Stunning S Mordan & Co Victorian Dip Pen in Solid Sterling Silver with Spiral Pattern Grip. In Perfect condition.  Measures 185 mm long.



Superb Early S Mordan & Co Slider Pencil in Ivory and Silver. In Perfect condition. Measures 60 mm long closed and 82 mm when Pencil extended.



Early S Mordan & Co Combination Slide Pencil and Dip Pen in Solid Silver. Fully Hallmarked and dated 1876.  In Perfect condition but with some wear to Slide Slot. Works Perfectly. Measures 87 mm long closed and 111 mm when Pencil extended.



Stunning S Mordan & Co Slide Pencil in solid 10kt Gold with fine Dot Pattern and a beautiful Dark Green Finial Stone with Scarlet Flecks. This pen is in remarkable MINT Condition. Marked with Mordans Gold arrow indicating solid 10kt gold. Works Perfectly. Measures 92 mm long closed and 117 mm when  extended. Exceptional Quality Piece



Miniature Slide Pencil by S.Mordan & co in solid 9kt gold. Combination of telescopic mechanism and slide pencil. In Good condition . Takes 1.8 mm Leads. Measures 32 mm closed and 63 mm extended. Rare little pencil



Large Telescopic Pencil by S.Mordan & co in Gold filled Silver with Diamond Pattern. In Good condition but with some plate Loss and a split in the internal sleeve. Pencil Still works perfectly. Takes 1.5 mm Leads. Measures 68 mm closed and 150 mm fully extended.



S.Mordan & co Sterling Silver Sliding Cedar Holder. In Perfect condition. Fully hallmarked and dated 1893. Measures 73 mm long closed.



Hard Rubber Pencil with solid Silver overlay by Sampson Mordan. Fully hallmarked and dated 1907. Marked  – L.C. Hardtmuths Koh-I-Noor No. 1568. In Good Condition. Measures 95 mm long



Beautiful Little Telescopic Sterling Silver Pencil by Mordan complete with silver case. In Perfect condition. Measures 45 mm closed and 72 mm when nozzles extended. Superb quality Item.



Scarce Sampson & Mordan drop action Cedar Holder in Sterling Silver. Unusual Chester Hallmark dating the piece to 1922. In Perfect condition. Measures 75 mm without pencil extended.



Mordan Everpoint in Silver filled plain finish. In Perfect Condition  . Measures 98 mm long. Takes 1.2 mm lead.




Superb Sampson & Mordan Pencil in Solid Silver with fine dot pattern. In Perfect Condition. Fully Hallmarked and dated 1933. Measures 111 mm long. Takes 1.2 mm lead.



7 sided Mordan Everpoint in Silver filled plain finish. In Perfect Condition  . Measures 96 mm long. Takes 1.2 mm lead.




Mordan Everpoint in Gold fill, plain finish. In Perfect Condition but with a few small dings. Measures 95 mm long. Takes 1.2 mm lead.




Mordan Centenary in Solid Sterling Silver. In Perfect Condition. Engraved Initials T.H.  Fully Hallmarked and dated 1935. Full Size Scarce Pencil Measuring 115 mm long.



High Quality Sampson Solid Sterling Silver Pencil . Advertising “Spencer & Abbott & Co” Coal Merchants. Fully Hallmarked and dated 1936. In Perfect condition.  Full Size Heavy Pencils Measures 120 mm long. Takes 1.8 mm lead.



Mordan Everpoint in Solid Silver, plain finish. In Perfect Condition  . Engraved initials R.C.L. Fully hallmarked and dated 1937. Measures 97 mm long. Takes 1.2 mm lead.




Mordan Everpoint in Solid Silver, Fine Barley Finish. In Perfect Condition  . Engraved initials M.G.R. Fully hallmarked and dated 1938. Measures 89 mm long. Takes 0.9 mm lead.




Beautiful Scarce Mordan Everpoint in Pearl Blue & Bronze with Silver fill trim. In MINT Condition . Measures 120 mm long. Takes 1.2 mm lead.


We have managed to Source 1.5 mm Lead which fits most Mordans and is extremely hard to find. 6 Pieces in Glass Container.