Originally formed in 1912 this wonderful Italian pen manufacturers history is similar to many companies of the same period but in 1982 it was taken over by the Aquila family who began producing stunning special edition pens. The continued presence of the family ensures continuity of attention to quality, uniqueness of design and writing pleasure.

Extremely Rare Early Celluloid Montegrappa  extra 302 in Pearl with gold filled trim. Button fill. In Perfect condition. Fitted with the original, Full flex 14kt gold medium to fine tipped nib.



Extremely Rare Purse Size Sterling Silver Ballpoint made in the Original Virenza factory. Pinstripe Pattern. MINT Condition. Measures 106 mm long.



Stunning Special Edition Montegrappa Marostica  “game of chess” In Burgundy with Highly Decorated Sterling Silver overlay. Number 460 of only 1912 ever made. In Absolute MINT Condition. Piston Fill. Fitted with the original, Twin Tone 18kt gold medium to broad tipped nib.



Beautiful Limited edition Ettore Bugati Fountain Pen in Black Laque with gold filled trim. Made by Montegrappa. In Mint condition in original Box. Box has some flaking of material on outside. Fitted with the original 18kt gold medum tipped nib.


Beautiful Montegrappa 300 series in Sterling Silver and Charcoal Laque Cap. In MINT Condition in original box with papers, soft velvet case and outer box. Fitted with the original, Twin Tone 18kt gold medium tipped nib.