Roy Conklin from Toledo, Ohio Formed the self filling fountain pen company in 1898 after inventing his unique Crescent filling System. By 1907 the Company had been transformed into the  Conklin Pen Manufacturing Company.

By the 1920’s the company had grown to become one of the big four US Pen manufacturers still offering the extremely successful Crescent filling system

When sales began to decline the Company offered lever fill pens in addition to crescent fillers and by the Late 20’s many different models in beautiful colours were being produced.

The 30’s saw superb models including Nozacs in unique patterns and finishes much sought after by collectors

By the Later 30’s it was almost over for Conklin due to it’s economic problems. It was sold to a syndicate who produced uninteresting low cost models until the late 40’s


Beautiful Conklin Endura in Bronze and Black Marble with gold filled trim. In Near MINT Condition with just a small amount of brassing to the clip top.  Lever fill. Fitted with the original 14kt gold semi flex medium tipped nib. Full size pen measuring 125 mm long capped



Conklin Glider in Striated Brown with gold filled trim. In Perfect condition but with some plate loss on the lever and clip.. Lever fill. Fitted with a later twin tone semi flex medium tipped nib. Full size pen measuring 133 mm long capped



Conklin Duragraph Fountain Pen in Orange Nights with Chrome Trim. In MINT Condition. Fitted with the original twin tone medium tipped nib. Cartridge fill but complete with converter.