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15th May
Many thanks Barry – a good first experience for me selling online! Thak you for your patience!
29th April
Just a note to let you know that my Platinum pen arrived safely, this morning. I sent you a wreck of an item and you have returned me a beautiful pen that writes – and transports me back to my grammar school days which, in the classrooms, were filled with a Platinum pen in my hands.
Must get my Conway Stewart away to you.
Thank you  for a splendid job and best wishes,


My first dealing with this company and I was very pleased with the service.  Barry is easy to communicate with and helpful,
polite and quick responses.  Would highly recommend.



I literally stumbled upon your site looking for my first vintage pen. As you can imagine, the first time buying vintage is always extra exciting. You have such lovely models on your site, I bought a couple of pens. Not all are inked up yet, but they all looked beautiful and as described. Am super happy and will regularly look at your site to see what is on offer.
Shipping was easy and fast. Am super happy!



Fast transaction, fast delivery.
Pens are as expected.
Everything is OK


I’m emailing to thank you for the work you did on my mother’s Montblanc 144 towards the end of last year.
She’s now had it back for long enough to use it a fair bit and is very happy that it is working again.   So, I am emailing now to say thank you for taking the job on and for making the pen functional again.   I very much appreciate your providing this expert service. 


I have received my pen, and I am extremely pleased, the colour is true to your picture,

and a very fast delivery.

I am so impressed at the ease it flows on the paper…

With having a little arthritis in my right hand, the pen is light and comfortable.

I look forward to looking at your website in the future.

One can’t have enough good looking branded pens

Especially at your prices.

Thank you and kind regards



Thank you for making my pen lovely again.

Its a delight to write with.
best wishes


The pen arrived safely at the beginning of last week.
Yesterday I used it, and one of the nibs, for the first time.
I just wanted to let you know that it is a joy to use.  I am delighted. It is light and easy to hold and the nib simply glides over the paper.  I love that it carries so much history with it too. It is a fine example of amazing craftsmanship.
Thank you for your help.  I am looking forward to trying out all the nibs, and as you suggested seeing the different marks they each make.  So far so good 👍👌


Pen arrived safely this morning, it’s lovely and I shined it up with a silver polishing cloth. 
Didn’t expect it to have a working refill so that’s great but I have spares now.
I’ve paired it with my matching Yard O Led pencil in my leather case.
Have a great weekend.
Thank you


I was very generously given ‘Heritage collectables’ address by a pen collector/restorer who I know, having had fantastic previous dealings with. She said that the owner, along with the sellable items are fantastic, and the owner is very trustworthy, as well as having a grand knowledge when it comes to pens.  She wasn’t wrong. When the pen I ordered arrived, I was happy as could be, but also I was left flummoxed. I’m brand new to pen collecting, and this pen, well, it had not innards. So I contacted the owner. On speaking to the owner (what a lovely man he is) and explaining my bewilderment, he assured me the pen is an ‘eye-dropper’. Ahhhh, so that’s what an eyedropper looks like. I felt such a fool, but I was put at ease almost instantly. I also mentioned the lid didn’t seem to fit properly, and had a different colour to the pen. The gentleman explained it isn’t unusual for colours to change after 110 years. Oooops! I wanted to jump into a hole and bury myself. After a dozen or so apologies to him, and rather than him make me feel I was ‘pushing my luck’, the owner said, quote – ” Don’t worry, if you see something else you would like to buy in the future, telephone me first and I’ll give you 25% discount”. Not a chance. I wouldn’t do that for all the tea in China, but I will be buying from him again,…. and again,… and again.
Fantastic service



Thank you very much for sending me the goods. I received it today.

I am sorry that I caused you trouble when I made inquiries. It

was my very first foreign transaction. I really enjoyed doing

business with you. The merchantise is first-class. I am entirely

satisfied with it. I would like to transact with you again.

Many thanks again. Your shop is another favorite of mine.

Thank you



The ‘One Off’ Parker 51 arrived safely this morning and although not compliant with the official issues, the jeweller (whoever he/she is/was) has undertaken exemplary work and as you state, ” a high quality pen” indeed.

A great addition and once more 5* to you and your team.


the pen just arrived, what a beauty and what a great writer,
many thanks,
I’ve just received my restored pen and I’m absolutely delighted to have it back in working order. After many blind alleys I finally found the experts.  Thank you Barry for the excellent service


I received the pen, safe and sound today.

Many thanks. It looks like you replaced the whole cap, brilliant.

This truly is, in my opinion, a magnificent looking pen and well worth waiting over a year to get correct replacement parts.

Sometimes I hesitate to ink a pen in case it disappoints. I’ll see, sometime.

Many thanks,


Pen has arrived safely and I am very pleased. It has surpassed expectations! Thanks for another good transaction. 


Just checking in to let you know the pen arrived on Friday.
I’ve been using it over the weekend. It’s perfect and has given me the confidence to order a few more items.


Just received  my beautiful  Rotring  600 Lava.
Just perfect  and exactly  as described.  Very happy indeed.
Barry was very to the point and professional.
Shipment  very prompt.
I do hope to do business  with this company again.


Just to say I collected the pens from the post office yesterday and wanted to thank you for the great job you’ve done.
Will come to you for any further pen repairs.


Hi Barry received my Parker 51 today and must say it writes brilliantly ,one very pleased customer, many,many. Thanks


Many thanks. 

They actually arrived in the post 30 minutes ago. So apologies for my earlier email.
Pencils look and write beautifully. Thanks for taking on the job. The pencils have considerable sentimental value.


Thank you! Thank You!
My pen has arrived and writes beautifully. You’ve done a great job to get it to work.
I do confess this was a bit of a test, because that pen has never worked sine I was given it as a birthday present. I used it to test the trustworthiness of your remote operation and I am wholly satisfied, so much so, I would like you to refurbish my more beloved Sheaffer that I use every day (I have a spare now while it’s away).
This is the pen I first contacted you about. Please come back with the essentials if you would like to take it on.
Thanks again for a great job on the black Sheaffer.


Thank you so much for doing my pencil when my Grandson is older l can pass it on to him now.


The pen has arrived today and is truly gorgeous. It’s my first pen of that era and my eyedropper indeed. 
I assume its normal for such an aged pen that it does have sometimes a hard start, until some inks comes out?
Well, but once the feeder brings the ink, it’s such a joy to write with this little piece of writing history! Love it! 
Cheers and have a happy NY


Hi, I received my pens today. The pens are beautiful and work well. Turns out I like the way the Eversharp writes better than the Waterman that was more than double its cost! Go figure


The pen arrived days ago but I only got to the Post Office yesterday, Monday, the 29th. It is perfect and everything you said it would be. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you.


Sorry I forgot to reply earlier! Just to say that I am thrilled with the wiring implements you sent to me. The Parker pouch was a nice touch! Just need a fountain pen to match the Duofold pencil now


Dear Barry, thank you very much for repairing my pen.        The pen writes fantastic, you made me a very happy customer.


A big thank you for repairing my pen so beautifully, and the refills for the others.

I couldn’t wait to fill the pen and write something with it….and doing so was such a joy.
Good memories.
Thankyou so much.


have just received this glorious pencil from la belle France and, seizing scrap paper, it performed its first task perfectly  and I thank you for your prompt service. It will henceforth accompany me in my ‘go to’ small shoulder bag, also recycled(leather) and I look forward to a long association. 
joyfully yours


Hello and good morning.
I have just had delivered the pen I bought from you a few days ago.

To say I am delighted is an understatement, it is a beautiful pen, in fantastic condition and just as described, and delivered very fast.

It is a gift for my Granddaughter who has just passed an important exam and I am sure she will be just as pleased as I am. Thank you so much.


Subject: Review of Sheaffer Targa 1030 thuya laque

I was thinking about buying this particular model for a while, kept looking on auction sites and other sites and I kept missing it. I had my eye on the model on Barrys site.

I put in an offer, paid and it was accepted. I received the pen a few days after. The pen was described as in good condition. But apart from some cosmetic detail (which was detailed in the description) the pen is in even better condition then the site detailed. I would say the body of the pen, especially the laquer and nib are in excellent condition.

The pen is a great example with a silky smooth nib – one of the smoothest I have come across. And it just looks the business! I have filled it with one of my favourite inks – Noodlers Lexington gray and it writes beautifully.

Thanks again Barry for providing me with the opportunity to buy one of my most sought after pens!

Kind regards


Just to let you know I have received my pen, safe and secure.  I wish to thank you for a top notch job you did on the pen.  It is writing far better than ever!

Many thanks once again Barry from one very happy customer.


The pen that you sent me in replace lost pen arrived today. It’s very nice and writes very well. All is OK.
Thanks a lot by your courtesy


I just received my pen and it is wonderful-better than described. Extremely fast shipping as well. Many thanks!


Just to let you know i received the pen back today.
Fantastic work thank you, the weight, size and way it writes is great, its in danger of becoming my everyday pen now!


many thanks for sending me the repaired Montblanc! It arrived yesterday sound and safe and I’ve written the whole day with it without problems. So many thanks for your kind help and support!


Thank you so much for the pen. It is exactly as described and is just what I wanted. The service provided was first class, 5 stars all the way.
I’m glad I came across your Web site and will be in touch early in the new year for more purchases.
Once again , thank you.


Hi Barry,

Pen arrived safely this week.

Its a beautiful pen, writes very smoothly and in my opinion better looking than the current Van Gogh pens.

I’m very happy with my purchase and once again thank you very much for kindly accepting my offer.


Hi Barry
I have been on leave but returned to find this pen delivered. It is even better than your photos. Really love it. Thank you.


Hello Barry, Pencil received Today , thanks very much for the replacement, great customer care. Will be buying again soon


Hello Barry, I wanted to let you know my pen arrived today and I am delighted with your work.

Many thanks for your great service


I received the Aurora 88 fountain pen and GVFC Platinum rollerball.

I’m absolutely thrilled and delighted with these pens. Both write smoothly and perfectly.

Thank you very much for sending these to me so quickly.

Very happy to recommend your shop and I will buy from you again.


The pencil arrived today. Thank you very much for returning it to its former glory! I love it!
Thanks again


This is a quick note to let you know that the pen arrived today and it looks fantastic. I have not inked it yet, and I am not even sure that I will ink it as it is an heirloom, but I did want it to be in perfect shape for my children, and thanks to you it is


I received the pen today. It’s a great looking pen.  Thank you. 

Hi! The pen arrived today, everything is perfect.



I received the Parker 51 this morning. You were right, the left oblique italic nib really does have a lovely writing style. All in all a really lovely fountain pen. Thanks again for keeping in mind.


The pens arrived just two days after the order.
Nothing to say but  : Excellent !


I have just received then pen.
It looks beautiful.
Everything was fine, offer accepted, fast delivery, pen just as described.
I think I will come back soon and buy some other pens.


Hey Barry, pencil arrived safe and sound this morning, absolutely cracking condition and a super piece for my collection, look forward to dealing with you again


Dear Barry,
I have just received the pen, and I immediately filled it and wrote a few lines with it. And what a pen it is, and what a sweet nib!. I could not be happier with my purchase.
All the best


Delighted to say the books arrived late this afternoon
Photo attached
You have treated me very fairly and I really appreciate it
Thank you very much


On saturday I ordered a Parker 75 “made in USA”. Living in  the EU I was worried delivery would be complicated by Brexit toothing problems. But no worries: The pen was delivered swiftly overnight. I am very satisfied with the service and with the pen which is in a perfect condition and writes beautifully.  Despite its age it will find a second youth as a daily writer. I will definitely order again from Barry and Heritage Collectables


Barry and I communicated via email regarding a pencil I was interested in. His responses were always timely and soon after, I made the purchase. I had a bit of anxiety afterwards, since I had never done business with Heritage Collectibles before. They were based in UK and France and I was in the US. I contacted Barry again and while he did offer the option of a refund before he shipped the pencil out, I was still interested. I also requested more pictures, which he kindly obliged. When the item arrived, in about a week, there were a couple of small issues and I contacted Barry again. We discussed options and I decided to return the pencil. As soon as he received the item back, I received the credit back to my PayPal account. Barry is an honest and trustworthy seller who carries unique and beautiful items that are difficult to find. Although it didn’t work out this time, I would not hesitate to purchase again from Barry!


Hi Barry – received my pen today and it is in perfectly mint condition, a real beauty.  And amazingly quick delivery as well.  
Many Thanks for your brilliant service.


Good morning Barry,

Just to let you know that the pens arrived on Tuesday.
I’ve owned a few fountain pens over the years – mostly Parkers and one Mont Blanc but the Sheaffer is the nicest pen I’ve ever written with. 
Having owned a basic Sheaffer when I was at school (I’m now 61) i had always fancied one of their “proper” fountain pens, with their distinctive nibs. Both pens that came in the set look like new, as does the box they came in.
I’m absolutely delighted with my purchase of the boxed pen set from you. Please feel free to edit and re-quote this endorsement.


I just wanted to confirm that the pen you shipped to me arrived today.  I’m really happy with it!  It is as good as you described on your website and it really is a lovely smooth writer.

Many thanks.

Hello, just a note to say my pen arrived safely today in perfect condition and exactly as described. Thank you, and rest assured that more business will be coming your way from me in the future.
Just to say the parcel has arrived safely, very effective packaging btw.
Each and every of the three pens look lovely, just as described. 
I already managed to fill them with ink and scribble a bit, the end results are quite a range. I’m really impressed by the flex of the Swallow nib but a bit underwhelmed by the stiffness of the Swan. Blackbird a bit in between, not too stiff but not as flexible as I thought. 
Not to be misunderstood: I’m not complaining, they’re all excellent quality, impeccable and very good looking nibs. It’s just me that in an ideal world favours the flexible over the less so. 
Many thanks for everything so far.
Best regards (from a happy customer)
Just to let you know that my pen has arrived back safely.
It looks great and writes better than I remember it ever doing.
In the circumstances that I mentioned previously, it means a lot to me.
Many thanks for doing such an excellent job. 
I shall certainly keep an eye on your website from now on as you have some beautiful pens on there.


I am pleased to let you know that the Snorkel Autograph has arrived today safely.
I like it very much!


Just a note to say the Vacumatic pencil arrived promptly last week and I’m delighted with it. I’ll be ordering from you again.


Glad to report my pen arrived yesterday lunch time, delivered by Royal Mail. Thank you very much I’m very pleased to have it back in excellent working order and recognise that you have carried out cosmetic improvements!


I have received the Cartier pencil and I am delighted with it. Thank you.

I will be looking again at your site and have recommended it to others with a similar passion.


Sheaffer Prelude Ballpoint delivered today. Thank you, the pen is exactly as described, and a joy to use. As this purchase is a birthday present it will be enjoyed, and cherished for years to come.


I have just received the set I bought. It’s perfect, my son loves it. Very quick delivery, too. Thank you!



The Parker Victory arrived safely and is running perfectly. Thank you for the excellent pen and service. I will be back for more.


Thank you for this – much appreciated. The refund is already showing as ‘pending’ in my account. It’s good to know that your ‘buy with confidence’ is all that it promises. Another time I’ll check details (eg size etc) more thoroughly first. My apologies for any inconvenience.


I first contacted Barry when selling some fountain pens and he was very helpful indeed. Barry also serviced my personal fountain pen. My pen arrived back very quickly and was carefully packaged. Barry did exactly what he said he would do, in the time frame we agreed. I highly recommend Barry.


Many thanks for the wonderful Parker Vacumatic, exactly as described. I finally have the Wet Noodle pen of my dreams!

With kind regards,


Dear Heritage Collectibles The pen I bought from you has arrived via La Poste and Royal Mail within 6 days and it is as good as it looked in the photograph.  I absolutely love the art deco style. I have never seen such a wonderful pen before .  Thank you ever so much. Best wishes Linden Peach



I would like to thank Barry and Heritage Collectables for sourcing and supplying a new section and nib for my Waterman Laureat fountain Pen which my loving wife bought for me over 20 years ago which was unavailable at several other great suppliers in the market.

The price was fair, it prevented me from destroying another pen to get mine working – which seemed counter-productive – and service and support spot-on throughout.

Many thanks again

Just a line to say thanks for the pens, which arrived today. They are both delightful, and I’m really happy to have them.

The pen arrived this morning, absolutely beautiful and over the moon.
Thank you for your professional service and exceptional stock.


The three pens arrived earlier this week. They are all lovely and in excellent condition. Thank you!


I had time to sit quietly and open the first parcel before the second delivery and was thrilled with each item that all proved to be in even  better  condition and quality than thought through  the photographs – contrary to the usual fact of life. I had ordered the Parker Vacumatic Full Size Pencil in the hope that it may compliment a Parker Vacumatic Fountain Pen of my Grandmother that I have loved since a boy. It is in great condition and a spot on match. The Parker Vacumatic Junior Set in Black and Green Marble have a much fresher colour and lustre than seen on-line and are a delight with the period case. The Cartier and Dunhill Set, both in Barley Pattern Gold Fill are  real joy of quality, weight and mechanics. Having been thrilled with the above the original order was then delivered and that was the cream on the treat. Love the Sheaffer and the Montblanc 149. This is the first Montblanc that I have owned and I have found myself walking round the house carrying it using it constantly. Barry, I am not a great on-line shopper, preferring to go into a shop and see, feel and check an item but there is a retail famine here on the Isle of Man – unless you are into motor bikes ! , for me. I found your site by chance and having received the items thank Good Fortune for my luck. I am thrilled and elated with all my purchases and am going to have many hours of pleasure using them as a pen and ink man. Many thanks and I shall be keeping an eye on the Heritage Collectables site and enjoying all the items purchased for many years to come.

Bought Montblanc Meisterstuck 146 (used) mint condition. The pen was as described genuine and in mint condition. Wtites beautifully.  I recommend this shop and will purchase from them in future

Three pens purchased now and one repair. Yet to be disappointed! Absolutely superb products from a man who knows his business inside out. Highly recommended. Thanks Barry

Good morning, Sir/Madam. I just received the pilot fountain pen safely. Thanks to your kindness I could purchase a lovely fountain pen. I would like to express my sincere thanks to you.

A note of thanks regarding several pens I recently bought from Heritage Collectables. The pens all arrived in good time. They were all well up to my expectations and I cannot fault them nor the excellent service. The site is my ‘go to first ‘ when expanding my growing collection. I write a lot with a fountain pen, so they don’t sit in a cabinet. They are inked up and used on a daily basis, and so far have given me great pleasure. I will definitely be dealing with Barrie again.

Pens arrived back yesterday and I’m so pleased with the job you have done especially the replacement of lost ring and jewel on the named vacumatic; thank you

A note to say thank you for the blue pearl vacumatic fountain pen which I bought from your website a couple of weeks ago. I had this same model gifted to me on passing my 11+ many moons ago, but sadly went awol at some point. It was wonderful to replace it with a pen in outstanding condition which writes like a dream. The pen arrived within 3 days – amazing. So impressed was I with the pen that I have ordered a further two vacumatics from the site . Nothing beats a nice fountain pen, and this company certainly supplies superb examples. I will be regularly viewing your site in the future

Yet another excellent transaction for the purchase of two further pens. Heritage Collectables is our go-to place for reliable quality, excellent stock and perfect transactions. Thank you again

Thank you Barry for all your help and efficiency when dealing with my orders. Each time a delivery is due is an exciting time for me, to see the pens ‘in the flesh’ is great.
Everything is as described and delivery is speedy, each transaction has been perfect.
Several of our pens have been inked and each writes beautifully, some different to others.
Looking forward to selecting more pens in the future

Just wanted to say thanks for the great customer service I received.  This was not my first choice pen, but Barry came back to me quickly and we were able to reach a very satisfying deal! And to top it off, they even managed to get the Swan to me within the week (on Christmas week!)!
I’m very happy I got this pen.  It was in great condition, and I have been writing with it every day since I got it.  It is a beautiful writer!  I am one very satisfied customer.


Just to say a huge thank you for the pen I bought from you in August. It was a birthday present for my brother. He is thrilled to bits with it and says its the best pen he has as it writes so beautifully. The nib is perfect and it fills really well.
Thank you again!
best wishes


Just to let you know pens arrived safe and sound today (well yesterday – I missed the post had to collect this morn)  love the duofold, the nib is amazing –real old school


Just a note to say many thanks for the Parker Victory and Onoto 1822.  The Onoto writes as one would expect.  The Victory is a real beauty and is now nestled in pride of place with three other candy-striped Valentine Victories.


Subject: Montblanc 149
Bought this pen from Heritage Pens. Mint condition, excellent service, speedy delivery. Highly recommended


This is just let you know that the Sheaffer fountain pen – Ball Point pen set was delivered to me this afternoon. This was all hassle-free, smooth operation surpassing my expectations. 

Many many thanks for handling all this so nicely


Thank you so much for my Parker 51, I am over the moon you were able to match the pencil I already have.. It’s for my son but I’ll be saving up to buy my own set next!


Burnham is a beautiful pen, wonderful writing and shipping fast. Thank you very much


Excellent service, paid by phone on Monday, pens received in excellent condition, as described, on Wednesday, thanks very much indeed


Many thanks for the green Parker Duofold International.  It arrived promptly and I am very pleased with it


Many thanks Barry-a lovely Montblanc pen to treasure, delivered speedily. Great service.


today it was a lucky day for me: The beautiful blue Swan pen did arrive and convinced me at first glance! Now this hits the mark. In my eyes the best of all pens. The nib is in the full sense of the word a “lovely” one, generously round tip in the ideal width, adaptive, fully smooth without the slightest scratching, more than semi-flex, rich ink-flow; in all aspects mint, strikingly nice design; the best for my hand to write with. 

This Velvet Blue pen with Nickel clip and ring matches very well the solid silver Fyne Poynt pencil, which I bought recently from you. A nice Swan set which I will use in the future with much delight! 

I wanted to let you share my spontaneous pleasure


Thx for speedy delivery of the 1935 Pelikan Ibis I purchased. I have another Pelikan from around the 1950s wich has nib stamped with “M”.  The nib on the Ibis is not stamped and, I believe, is actually B or close to it.  The pen writes beautifully but is much wetter than my M nib Pelikan. I will certainly enjoy using it – the pens I buy are bought to be used


Just received my order of two lovely vintage pencils – very helpful phone service and super-fast delivery. Only a small order this time, but I’ll definitely be back to treat myself to a fountain pen or two. Just can’t decide which! Thank you


The Waterman Exception arrived a few minutes ago.   The speed of delivery and the packing are both outstanding and a good example to the larger online sellers. 

On unwrapping the parcel and fitting a converter I washed the section with soapy and then clean water.   There was some residual blue ink in the pen, I assume Waterman quality control tested the nib before allowing the complete pen to be sold. 

On inking the pen with my favorite ink, for the moment, I started writing with it.   Beautiful, smooth as a “baby’s bottom”, ink flow is perfect and the width of the nib is exactly what I wanted.   An excellent example of a Waterman pen.


I wanted to let you know that I collected my new vintage Parker 75 from the sorting office this morning and have just inked it up in work. It writes beautifully and feels marvellous. Thank you very much for your help on the phone on Saturday and for the quick delivery. I think I’ll be ordering a Duofold Senior next!
Take care.


A quick note to confirm that the two pens ordered (above) arrived safely in the post this morning. 

They are in excellent condition, and are all I had hoped for – and more.   The Parker is the very image of one which I was given when I went away to school in 1962, (and used all through university, only disappearing in about 1980) even down to the fine nib;  and the Waterman of 2002 is spectacular. 

So, all in all, very efficient, and thanks very much.


Just received a Parker Victory Fountain pen today, well packaged and secure. The pen is superb and writes beautifully


Just to let you know that the pen arrived safely, thank you, and I have been writing with it all weekend – marvellous


have received pens today and they are excellent!


Great service, my phone order was taken with courtesy, and my order delivered in two days. I look forward to doing futher business with Heritage Collectables


Je viens de recevoir les stylos.
C’est parfait. Merci beaucoup


Delighted to have received my order of two Conway Stewart pens.
Great writing with my 80 year old CS 475  almost my age!
My grand daughter is excited with her CS 84, this pen will certainly stimulate her English writings!
My next acquisition will have to be a marbled Conway Stewart!
Thanks for prompt service.


I thought I’d let you know that I took delivery of the pen today(!) and what
a lovely example it is.  Wonderful nib and in excellent overall condition


I just wanted to say many thanks for the Falcon set which I received on Saturday, and thanks for very good customer service.

The pens are absolutely delightful, in really wonderful condition.

Thanks again,


Many thanks for the superb Parker Vacumatic   maxima. Writing with it is sheer bliss.

thanks for excellent and swift service


Thank you so much for the Parker 25 with the italic nib.  It writes superbly.  Just over a week from purchase to arrival in New Zealand.  Absolutely delighted.  Thank you


Thank you for the incredibly prompt delivery.

The pen arrived yesterday and it is very nice indeed.

I will certainly be keeping an eye on your site in future.

Thanks again,

from the other side of the planet


Parker 61 NOS just received today. As described or even better. Surprising quality, great service from Heritage. Thanks, I really appreciate your business !!


The pencil arrived today.  I’m pretty thrilled.  Maybe even better than I expected


Pen and cap safely arrived today, and the Burnham is a thing of beauty indeed. The Slimfold also looks the part now. Very many thanks


Quick note to say thank you, once more you’ve provided me with a fantastic pen, this time a Parker’61’, gorgeous to write with


Excellent Parker 61 and good value for money. Highly recommendable


Many thanks for the Burnham pen which arrived this morning.

I have just been using it, to see how it writes and I find it very nice


Barry the 75 Parkers are great regards from Australia


Thank you! My husband is delighted with the pen. it writes beautifully. A funny story you might laugh at – my father always used a fountain pen. I learned to read early and asked for “a pen that writes like Daddy’s” for my birthday and then cried because it would only write like I could and not like he did!!!

Thanks for your help


The gold YARD O LED is perfect and was promptly delivered. I recommend your service and will use again


The black Onoto 5601 arrived safely today and I’m delighted with it.  

Thank you very much for this excellent pen and I thoroughly recommend Heritage Collectables to all pen enthusiasts


The Swan left me breathless with excitement – absolutely beautiful! Safely packed, fast shipped, quickly delivered. Thank you. It will be a real pleasure to buy again FP’s from you.  

Best regards from Romania


I picked up the pens at the post office this morning. They’re beautiful. Thanks and nice doing business with you.


Barry came out to meet my Dad who had various Parker fountain pens/pencils etc for sale. He was extremely courteous and Dad thoroughly enjoyed his chat and hearing about the process of buying and selling pens. We believe he offered a fair price for the pens he bought and made the experience a very simple and pleasant experience. I would definitely recommend this firm if the need arose.


My Parker 65 with the rolled gold cap and fitted with a left oblique broad italic nib at last arrived last week. The pen equals or exceeds my expectations of it! It is in great condition, and writes with a unique and delightful line.


Just to thank you for prompt service in sending me the Watermans pens that I ordered I will recommend you to my friends 

The pen was great and in good condition and writes great thank you


The pen arrived today and what a nice pen it is too. Very nice writer with a lovely smooth fine nib.

Many Thanks,


Dear All,

I am just letting you know that the lady Sheaffer pens I ordered from you (Ecosse silver fountain pen and ballpoint) have arrived today. They are absolutely wonderful. They are in pristine condition and they feel perfect to write with. I am thrilled with them. I will be recommending you to any one who wants to buy a decent pen. Thank you. Please feel free to use my comments and you may also put my name to them.
Kind regards

Teresa Williscroft


I want to thank you for the wonderful pen that arrived today! I know from experience that it can be tricky to buy online, but you must be one of the scarce exceptions! Thanks again


Thank you for the absolutely magical repair of my reproduction Parker Duofold. It is definitely better than new and I simply can’t see where you have repaired the fine crack in the cap. I can also see that the rim has been taken back fractionally so that it is less fragile for the future.

It really means a great deal to me to have this pen back in full working order and I am extremely grateful to you.

Have a very happy and successful new year. When I need a special present for someone I know where to come!


Onoto pen arrived back safely and is beautifully repaired.

It will be a treasured pen on my desk for a long time.

Many thanks,


Just a quick note to say many thanks for repairing my pen and saving me great expense of a replacement nib!

You have done a really good job and I will certainly recommend you in the future


I received the above pen this afternoon and it’s a beauty!

Many thanks for your help.

09/09/13 – The Onoto arrived safely and promptly this morning – a gorgeous pen, and excellent service. Many thanks.

24/06/13 – Brilliant service, my query received a quick response and payment received the day after I sent the pencil. Could not be happier. Would recommend Barry and Heritage Collectables to anyone. Many thanks

23/06/13 – I’ve just received the pen. It is really magnificent! Writing with that little masterpiece will be a pleasure.
Many thanks.
I think I’ll contact you for other pens, in the next future.

23/06/13 – I just wanted to tell you how pleased I was with the Parker 51 with a wonderful fine and smoooooth … nib you sold me. This is my second 51 from you shop, and perhaps not the last

23/06/13 – Thank you – Pen arrived Safely on Friday and is exactly as described

Thank you for the pen.
14/06/13 – I collected it from the delivery office today. It certainly is broad, double broad in my handwriting! Very smooth, though.
Kindest regards

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