From Single Pens to Complete collections – we are always keen to talk to you about buying your Vintage Writing Instruments

We pay a fair price, normally equal to what can be achieved at auction. You therefore save the hassle of taking them to the Auction house and the enormous sellers fee. We save the buyers fee so everyone gains!


Auction houses are now regularly charging 15% + VAT  Sellers Fees, 30%+ Vat  buyers premium and £25 to post!


Your pen sells to us at auction for £168  – with the Premium and Postage the cost to us is £253.

When the sellers fees are applied you will receive £137

By Saving the Buyers Premium and Postage we would offer £200 for your pen so you receive close to twice what you would have received at Auction 

PLEASE do not sell through this system without contacting us first


Please complete the form below with a few details of what you are looking to sell. We will come back to you within 24 hours

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Fully Restored Vintage Writing Instruments