Sampson Mordan

The Most prolific Manufacturer of the Mechanical Pencil . Many Beautiful examples made throughout the Victorian Period and into the 20th Century. Highly sought after and Collectable

Stunning Early Mordan & Co Solid Silver Slide Pencil with Beautiful ornate hand engravings and a deep purple stone set finial. In Perfect condition.  Measures 93 mm long closed and 115 mm open. Takes 0.9 mm lead.


Mordan Everpoint Bridge Pencil in Solid Silver. In Perfect condition.  Measures 95 mm long. Takes 1.2 mm lead.



Beautiful Mordan Everpoint in Silver filled wave Pattern Panels. In Perfect Condition  . Measures 113 mm long. Takes 1.2 mm lead.




We have managed to Source 1.5 mm Lead which fits most Mordans and is extremely hard to find. 6 Pieces in Glass Container.