SITE UPDATED 16th April 2021

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16th April 2021

Large Collection of Watermans added along with a collection of Early Rare Montblancs. In addition a few Pelikans, Parkers and Lamys added

9th April 2021

Superb collections of Mabie Todds, Esterbrook Reliefs and Parker 51’s added Plus Wyverns and a very rare Eversharp Kingswood – over 35 additional items!

2nd April 2021

Over 35 new Items added. Mordan Pencils, Mint Yard O leds, Pelikan Fountain Pens, Mabie Todds – Some in original Boxes, Mint Unused Parker 61’s and 51’s etc etc


26th March 2021

Complete Collection of Mabie Todds and Conway Stewarts added along with some early Silver Cedar holders and Pencils

19 March 2021

Over 30 new items added including Victorian Silver Pencils, a complete Collection of Late 1950’s Sheaffers, a solid Gold Parker 61 Ballpoint and a few Dunhills. In addition a number of Boxed MINT 1930’s pens made in England!

12th March

Complete collection of 1950’s Parker Duofolds added along with a nice range of Sheaffers

5th March 2021

Very busy week with over 40 new items listed. They include Burnham, Conway Stewart, Mabie Todd, A 1930’s Montblanc,  Lamy’s, Pelikans, Solid Gold and Solid Silver Pencils,  Watermans and some rare smaller European Pens

26th February

Superb Early Parker 51 Desk Set added in original box and Packaging! Also Wonderful Wyvern Set and some Early Parker’s and Onoto’s

19th February

Complete collection of Parker 51’s added including a few Scarce Colours. Also a Stunning Watermans Silver Ray Ink Vue Listed along with a couple of 1930’s Parker Vacumatics 

12th February 2021

1930’s week! – Beautiful Collection of Early 1930’s Parkers added along with examples from smaller British Manufacturers including Burnham and Mentmore. This period was the finest period in Fountain Pen Manufacturing with many of the best pens ever made being produced. Watemran Patricians, Wahl Eversharp Dorics, Parker Vacumatics, Conklin Enduras and Mabie Todd Swans to name but a few!

5th February 2021

A Stunning collection of Solid gold pens added this week including a Solid 18kt Parker 61,a 1930’s 9kt gold Mabie Todd Swan and a 1950’s Watermans . In addition a few Early Burnhams listed along with Sheaffer PFM’s and Parker Duofold Maximas

29th January 2021

Over 30 new items added this week

Collection of Post War Conways including a beautiful Tiger Eye

2 Beautiful Vacumatcs including an Early Oversize

Wonderful  Watermans 1925 0552 SET in Sheraton Pattern gold fill

Collection of Yard O leds including a Solid 9kt gold Diplomat and 2 Sterling silver Viceroy Fountain Pens

Collection of Montblanc Meisterstucks including a MINT 149

Many boxed Parker 61’s

Collection of Parker 51’s including 2 MINT Custom Sets

22nd January 2021

1930’s British Pens added including a beautiful Eversharp Kingswood along with Mentmore, Mabie Todd, Onoto and Jewels. More Parker 51 Vacumatics also Listed

15th January 2021

Wonderful collection of Onoto de la Rue’s added including a mint Magna. Also a 1960’s Montblanc with a nib to die for! A Mabie Todd eyedropper, Wyvern Lizard Skin, watermans 52 with solid gold bands, Mordan pencil plus others also listed

7th January 2021

Happy New Year!

We are still very busy adding and shipping pens despite Covid and Brexit!  Our shipping is still Duty free and running well. Beautiful Collection Of Parker Premier added including China Laque Examples. More Parker 75’s listed along with Some Stunning Silver Duponts, Cartiers and Parker Centennials

11th December

Parker 75’s , Sheaffer Snorkels and some beautiful Parker Premiers added. Also a Stunning Mordan and Sampson SOLID Gold drop pencil.

4th December

More Mint Unused British Fountain Pens added including Stephens, Summit and Watermans

1st December

Remarkable Collection Of Wyverns added. Most have never been inked and have the original price tickets. Stock from a closed stationary shop in the late 1940’s. 

20th November

Beautiful Collection of Early Watermans added along with Conway Stewarts, Sheaffer Ladies and a very unusual Esterbrook  “Dipless Fountain Well” Deskset in leather & Bakerlite

13th November

Focused on British Manufacturers this week with beautiful examples from Mabie Todd, Conway Stewart, Wyvern and Mentmore all added. These early plastics were so complex with patterns and colours that would be extremely difficult to produce today.  Also Early rare Montblancs and sheaffers added

6th November

Just in ! – Large Collection of 1980’s and 90’s New Old Stock Waterman’s and Parkers. Most are In Original boxes and all have never been used. May be a good time to send a hint to someone to buy one for you for Christmas! If any are of interest please email us at so we can you more details and extra photos 

30th October

We have just taken in a collection of vintage Sheaffer desk pen sets. These have not been that popular in recent years but now more people are working from desks at home they are becoming much more popular. All have stunning solid marble bases and high quality pens. In addition we are restocking our Parker 45 Page. Great pen to get started with at a sensible price, in a huge variety of colours and designs and most with 14kt gold nibs.

23rd October

A nice selection of Pencils and Smaller British Pens added this week including a Croxley Dickinson and Wyvern set. In addition a few Wahl eversharps including a stunning 1920’s Sterling silver and Vermeil example.  

16th October

Beautiful collection of mostly prewar Watermans added this week along with a nice selection of pens from Smaller British Manufacturers.

9th October

Nice Collection of Conway Stewarts added. We now have over 70 different models for you to view. Also a large collection of Post war Esterbrooks have been listed. These Pens are often overlooked but they can be a great choice to start collecting as they are reasonably priced and come with a huge range of easily changeable nibs

2nd October 

Collection of Early Parker Duofolds and Parkettes added. Parkettes came in a variety of different beautiful colours and many models were only made for a few years so they are highly collectable when in good condition. In addition a collection of Mabie todds have been added


25th September

Complete new Collection of Parker 51 and Parker 61’s added making these pages one of the best stocked on the net. Also Mordan Pencils, Wyvern Fountain Pens and a beautiful Parker 105 added

18th September

Complete Collection of Pre War Sheaffers now added. These beautiful pens are often piston fillers which are notoriously difficult to restore. They are worth the effort and it is always nice to bring a vintage writing instrument, that has survived over 80 years, back to life! In addition some beautiful Burnhams added.

11th September

Taken in a massive Sheaffer Collection this week. Busy restoring the vintage examples next week. A lot of 1930’s and 40’s pens. This week we have listed the Mint unused later pens including some beautiful Sheaffer Balance II pens. In addition a beautiful Dunhill Full Size Gemline has been added.

4th September

Another superb collection of fully restored writing instruments added this week. Includes a rare Hicks Combination Fountain Pen/ Pencil an Early Parker Lucky Curve and a very unusual GIANT Italian Advertising pencil that takes 4.4 mm thick leads and is over 165 mm long. All Available for immediate purchase 

21st August

Beautiful Collection Of Conway Stewarts Added along with some Mint Parker 51’s with Italic nibs and a large selection of Watermans . In addition a beautiful little 1928 Parker Pastel in remarkable MINT Condition with absolutely no discolouration – very rare

14th August

A Stunning 1930’s Asprey and Mordan Desk set added in Gilded Sterling silver. A very unusual Parker 51 Custom Insignia Set has been listed in a wonderful display box. This set includes the every rare liquid led Pen. In addition more items listed under Yard O led, Prewar Sheaffer, Sheaffer Targa, Montblanc, Mordan Pencils, Smaller British and lost of additional Leather pen cases are now at the site.

7th August 2020

A Collection of more Modern exceptional quality Fountain Pens added this week. All are highly collectable and all have been discontinued. This includes Montegrappa Symphony, Waterman Exception Night and Day Gold, ST Dupont Gatsby, Namiki Dunhill Gemline and a Parker Centennial Mark 1 in Orange. All available for immediate purchase 


Lovely Watermans Military Writing Set added along with a very rare Mabie Todd Blackbird Demonstrator. Plus additional Parker 51’s, Yard O Leds and more Smaller European Manufacturers

24th July

A stunning collection of over 20 Vintage Inkwells added. All in Perfect condition and with glass inserts

17th July

Some Nice Early Watermans added this week including a Scarce 55 in Black hard rubber with the original large size 5 nib and a beautiful Lady Patricia in Nacre. In addtion a superb Lamy 2006 Ballpoint. Wonderful quality extremely heavy ballpoint – one of only 7500 made. Some nice silver items added including a Mint Yard O Led – Yard O lette and a Parker Classic in Cisele pattern

10th July

Superb Watermans 52 in Ripple Red Hard Rubber added along with other Watermans and Parkers. Also a rare Early John Bull Safety and a stunning Conway Stewart set in original box. In addition another Demonstrator added – this time a Pelikan M250

3rd July

A beautiful Collection Of Demonstrators – Vintage and New! – Originally these pens were issued to the Sales teams to enable them to demonstrate the workings of the pens to the retailers. They soon became popular and Parker began producing a few for customers but all models are very rare. Our collection Includes Parker 51’s, Post War Watermans and an extremely rare Sheaffer Snorkel Demonstrator. Fascinating to watch all the internals working when extending the Snorkel. These pens are known to have the most complex filling mechanism ever invented. In addition we have listed Some stunning modern Transparent pens from Pilot, Marlen, Sailor, Platinum and Conklin. Finally a few Early Watermans and a stunning MINT Mabie Todd and Bard eyedropper with a wet noodle nib!

26th June

We managed to acquire some stock from a newsagent that closed down in the 60’s! – Lots Of ” New Old Stock”  vintage Pens added including Burnhams, Parker 61’s, Parker Duofolds, Yard O Led Pencils and a large Collection of Mentmore Platignums. 

19th June

Interesting Early French Watermans and Parkers added.  Also More High Quality French pens listed including a Glass Buttoned Vacumatic fill Mallet

12th June

Another Beautiful Collection of highly colourful pens from the Smaller European and American Manufacturers added this week. All fully restored and ready to write. Also a very impressive Waterman Watermina Night and day slender rollerball in Black and Sterling silver from the 1970’s has been listed along with a Mint Boxed Typhoo pen from the 1920’s. Typhoo Tea Issued a number of pens in the 20’s and 30’s promoting how healthy it was to drink Typhoo Tea!

5th June

More Early rare Pens from the Small European Manufacturers added with some nice early French Examples. Parker 51’s, Swan Eternal  and a rare Mentmore in Ripple Red Hard Rubber also listed. 

29th May

Very unusual pens added this week. They include a Soffer from the small Italian manufacturing company Soffietti Ferruccio. More Wahl Eversharps and a small collection of Jiff pencils. Jiff were prolific pencil makers in France before they were brought out by Watermans . Finally a mint unused 1930’s Stephens in black hard rubber with the original price ticket –  never been used. 

22nd May

Some Very rare and unusual items added this week. Including an Orange hard rubber Eclipse and a Bakerlite Hudson . Both these pens are from the smaller USA Manufacturers and are a very good size. In addition more Wahl Eversharps and early Parkers have also been listed.

14th May

Busy week creating brand new page dedicated to Inkwells. Superb Collection of WMF inkwells already added. Also a beautiful collection of Wahl Eversharps added including some mint Dorics and early pencils. Finally A beautiful Watermans Ink Vue along with some rare Early Montblanc Pencils also listed

1st May 2020

More Beautiful Mentmores, 2 Early Parker Duofold Seniors a collection of Sheaffers and more Smaller European Company Pens added

24th April

Another Nice Selection of Vintage Fountain Pens added this week including a fine collection of 1940’s Sheaffers. All available for immediate purchase

17th April

New Page Created called “Smaller European Manufacturers” – Now full of some high Quality French, Dutch and Belgium Fountain pens in beautiful colours. Also more Onoto’s and Watermans added

10th April

Nice Selection of Mabie Todds, Watermans and Smaller british just listed. In addition a Beautiful Mentmore Platignum Supreme set just added. A blatent copy of a Waterman Patrician! Although the Platignum range was intended to be a budget range by Mentmore some of the 1930’s examples are of high quality and are in wonderful colours.Also a rare Burnham number 46 with a glass nib listed. This gives a very fine constant line and is quite nice to use.

3rd April

Nice Collection of Mentmores added today. I think Mentmores are underrated. They made some beautiful pens in the 1930’s of equal or better quality than Conway Stewarts. With 14kt gold nibs and even Lizard Skin finishes – as per one example in the attached photos. Perhaps it was the Low budget Platignum range they launched which brought the brand name down – In addition a Stunning Conway Stewart Reversed Cracked Ice Set and a complete collection of Parker 61’s added including a 1st edition and also a Parker VP. 

27th March


The postal system is working well and we are still able to post items . Parker Duofold Geometrics, Mabie Todds including Snakeskins all now added – Also a Parker VST which is quite a rare pen and they have lovely nibs

20th March

We are still very much open for business and the postal system is working well! – we will be adding many more pens over the next few weeks. We have already added a nice collection of Yard O leds including a solid gold example. A few Solid Silver pencils have also been added along with a rare Montblanc Carrera, Conway Stewarts and a stunning Lapis Blue Parker Duofold.

13th March

Quite a broad range of items added this week including more 1950’s Montblancs, Onoto de la rue’s, watermans and a small collection of Mentmores. Mentmore was a quality English Writing instrument manufacturer in the 1930’s. They grew substantially and in the 1960’s produced Platignums that most school children used everyday

6th March

Busy week listing over 30 new items includes a nice collection of Mabie Todds, Mint unused Parker 51 Custom, A few Victorian Pieces and a wonderful Watermans in Ripple red hard Rubber.

21st February

Superb Collection of Vintage Yard O leds added along with Some MINT Boxed Parkers. Also a rare 1970’s solid Silver Tiffany Ballpoint

14th February 2020

Busy week with over 40 new items added. Particularly interesting pieces include a special edition Duofold Solid Silver Snake pen from parker and a Zodiac Snake Pen from Montegrappa. A Special Edition 1935 Pelikan in Lapis Blue has also been added. In addition a large collection of Parkers and a few Victorian Combination dip Pens and Pencils have been listed

5th February

Another Nice Collection of Vintage Conways added along with A few Burnhams and an Onoto. Also a nice collection of Yard O led Silver Pencils listed

31st January

Complete Collection of MINT Parker 51’s added along with a few other Parkers. There are many good reasons why the Parker 51 was, without doubt the most successful fountain pen ever made. It is always reliable, has a good ink capacity and with the aerometric version, very simple to fill. Lastly the nibs are butter smooth and come in a wide range of widths and styles. 

24th January

Complete Collection of Early Montblancs added dating from the 1930’s to the 1960’s. The 1950’s/60’s pens have the best nibs ever made for smoothness and expressive writing. They are vastly underrated and will become even more collectable as time moves on. Also a nice selection of other Early German Pens along with some Conway Stewarts added

17th January

Interesting Collection of Watermans added including a Sterling Silver Gothic and a very rare Lady Patricia Persian. 1960’s Pelikans also added including a Scarce Gold filled Number 60. Finally a stunning 1930’s Faber Castell with ornate cap band has been listed under “other rarities”.

10th January 

Beautiful collection of Parker Vacumatics added along with a Solid Gold telescopic action Mordan, watermans and a stunning Mabie Todd in Burgundy bronze and silver

8th January 2020

Happy New Year.  Had a good break,  now adding lot’s more items. Already listed Solid Gold Parker 61 a few Very Early Watermans in remarkable MINT Unused condition. Conklins and 2 more Special Edition Montblancs also added

20th December

Rare Early Novelty Pencils added along with Early Montblancs, Yard O Leds and MINT Unused Parker 51’s

13th December

Collection of Pre War Watermans added along with Some Stunning Lumina Conway Dinkies. Also a very unusual 1960’s Rabbit head Mini Fountain Pen in Pearl Green. If anyone knows who made it then please let me know!


6th December

A unique and very rare Collection of Mabie Todd Blackbirds and Swallows added today. Also Some beautiful Pre War Watermans along with some Conway Stewart Dinkies and a Wartime very large Duro. All Available for immediate purchase at

22nd November

Collection of some beautiful Conway Stewarts added today including an ultra rare Cracked ice 800 “Ink visible”. Also a nice Selection of Parkers including some wonderful Parker 51’s

13th November

New Page Created dedicated to Samson Mordan Pencils and a complete collection of Mordans added along with some stunning early Dip Pen and Pencil Combinations added to the Vintage Pencils Page. 

8th November

Complete Collection of Novelty Pencils added. Some rare pieces and all Highly Collectable

6th November

Another new page Dedicated to Montblanc Limited Editons Featuring Writers editions

5th November

Complete Collection of Special edition Montblancs added  with new dedicated page – all New Old Stock


18th October

A selection of some extremely interesting and rare pens added this week. This includes a beautiful Solid 18kt gold Mabie Todd Swan in Fleur-de-lys and wave pattern. A Wahl Gold Seal Art Deco Oversize Set and a most unusual and Ultra Rare Ford Patent Pen made by Wyvern. Conways, Empire State Parker 51,Burnhams and 1960’s Montblancs also added

8th October

Superb collection of early Watermans added including solid 14kt gold 554, Safety Pens and a ripple red 32 1/2. Also a MINT 1920’s Big Red Duofold and a sterling Silver Sheaffer Imperial set

3rd October

Late Watermans, A beautiful Montegrappa Espressione, Cartier Panthere, Rare Pelikan Toledo, Early Montblancs and a Sheaffer Legacy all added

20th September

Complete Collection of Conway Stewarts added this week. Also a beautiful Swan Eyedropper with Solid 18kt gold bands in a sterling silver Pen holder c1906. In addition Burnhams, Mabie Todd Swallows, Onotos and Mentmores

13th September

Superb collection of Montblanc’s added this week including a rare Early 1950’s Masterpiece and a solid Silver 146 Le Grande


6th September

Beautiful Vermeil Barlay Corn Montblanc added along with an uninked Pelikan Souveran M800. The Best Silver filled cap Parker 51 TRIPLE Set we have ever seen just in along with a 1930’s Sterling Silver Mabie Todd – these 2 will be added next week along with a large collection of other pens

30th August

Solid Gold Post War Waterman added along with Sheaffers, Conways and Parkers

15th August

Collection of Conway Stewarts, Parker Vacumatics and some Interesting “Other Rarities all added today. In addition a few Rare and highly sought after items. Conway Stewart 770 M in Mottled Red Hard Rubber, a stunning Watermans Ink-Vue De Luxe in Emerald-Ray and a very rare John Hancock – the 1st ever Cartridge pen sold from the early 1920’s

9th August

Some Rare Onotos’s added today along with a nice collection of Conways and an Ultra Rare Valentine in Black & Rose Herringbone. 2 Parker Vacumatics Maxima’s have now been fully restored and added to the site along with a Parker 51 Ballpoint and a rare Wyvern.

25th July

Onotos, Parker Duofolds and an interesting Early Burnham added along with an Early Conway and a Watermans 100 Year Pen

17th July

New Page for Conklins created and some Beautiful Endura’s added along with a stunning Mabie Todd, large, Ripple red Hard Rubber E64 Eternal. Pelikans, Conway Stewarts and a beautiful Sterling silver Sheaffer Imperial also added. Two Regents in Unusual Hard Rubber colours entered under smaller British.


12th July

New Page Created for Sheaffer Snorkels and PFM’s. A complete collection of MINT and rare colour Snorkels added – must be the best on the Net! – Also new Page Created for the, much under rated, Reform Pen company along with a superb collection of NOS Pen added

5th July

Complete Collection of Early Watermans added along with Parker 61’s, Sheaffer Snorkels and PFM’s, Parker Duofolds including a rare Early Herringbone example.

28th June

Over 45 items added! – includes – Complete collection of MINT Unused Parker 75’s, Parker Premiers, Mabie Todds, Pelikans and Sonnet’s

24th June

Solid 18kt gold Parker 61 Presidential, Smaller British, Solid 9kt gold Yard O Led, Early Mabie Todd and Cartier’s all added

21st June

Complete collection of Vintage Montblanc’s and Pilot’s added

15th June

Complete Collection of 1940’s Sheaffers added along with Smaller British and Conway Stewarts

7th June

Over 35 new Items added including Parker Parkette, Other Rarities, Conway Stewarts, Conway Dinkies, Sheaffer Snorkels, 1960’s Sheaffers and Wahl Eversharp

31st may

Beautiful Early French pens added under “Other Rarities” Along with Smaller British and Conway Stewarts

24th May

Early Parker Duofolds added along with Early Parker Jackknifes. Mabie Todd Visofil VT, Esterbook Reliefs and Smaller British Also Listed.

17th May

Mentmore, Smaller British, a Beautiful Early Aurora, Conway Stewart ,Parker 51 and Pencils all added to. Parker 61 and Parker 65 now have separate pages and have been added to.

10th May

Early Pre War Parkers added along with Conways, Mentmore, Pre War Sheaffers and Mabie Todd’s

3rd May

Early Watermans, Mabie Todds and Parker 51’s added along with a Montblanc 149

26th April

Mabie todd’s Split into 2 pages and more Items added. Smaller British, Conways, Watermans and Esterbrook all added

22nd April

Late Parkers and Watermans added along with Parker 51’s and Lamys. New Pages created dedicated to Parker 25’s, Parker Classics and Parker 88/Rialto’s

12th April

Large Collection Of Conway Stewarts added along with Re War Parker’s, Parker 51’s, Sheaffer Targa’s, Mentmore, Esterbrook relief and a Solid Gold Onoto

5th April

Beautiful Sheaffer Targas, 1980’s Watermans, Montblanc’s, Mint Sheaffer PFM, Stunning Cartier Panthere, Omas and Solid Silver Cross Townsend added

Picture Loading Now repaired and new pages added dedicated to Later Watermans, Sheaffer Imperial and Sheaffer Targa

1st April- Sorry some technical difficulties at our host company causing slow loading of images – please allow 10- 15 seconds for the page to load before viewing – should be fixed in a day or so

29th March- Silver Yard O leds, Wyverns, Onotos, Parkettes, Parker Vacumatics, Early Parker Duofolds, A Beautiful Conway 58 in cracked Ice, Cross Set and Mabie Todd Swans all added

22nd March-

Collection Of Dinkies and Early Parker Duofolds added along with Victorian Pencils  and dip pens

14th March-

New Page Dedicated to Caran D’ache Created and beautiful collection added. Mabie Todd, Other rarities, Sheaffer’s, Waterman’s St Dupont, Parker 51’s and Parker 75’s added

7th March-

Collection of Early Watermans added along with a MINT Unused 1930’s Parker Duofold in Lapis Blue

1st March

A new Dedicated page to Conway Stewart Dinkies added along with some beautiful Dinkies. Conway Stewarts in Pre and Post war also added

27th February-

New dedicated pages for Cartier and S T Dupont added along with collections for both categories. Cross, Solid Gold Yard O Leds, Solid Gold mabie Todds, Parker 61’s along with Montblancs all added

22nd February

Collection of Conway Stewarts added including Cracked Ice and Tigers Eye.

20th February

Collection of Parker Centennials, Parker Premiers and some rare and beautiful Sonnets all added

19th February

Complete collection of Parker 75’s added

15th February

Wonderful collection of Early Conway Stewart Dinkie’s added along with some Early Mabie Todds .

8th February

Complete collection of Parker 45’s added along with some early Pencils

1st February

Esterbrooks, Early Watermans along with Parkers all listed. Also a very rare stunning Solid Silver Parker Centennial added

25th January

Collection of Yard O leds, Early MINT Unused Parker Duofolds a stunning solid 18kt gold Swan as well as many others all added

17th January

Collection of Early Parkers added together with early Smaller British and  Watermans

14th January

Collection of Parker Duofolds, Conway Stewarts and an Early Parker Victory all added

3rd January

Happy New Year! – Thank you to all our customers for your support during 2018 – Our best year to date! – The new year will bring even more top quality fully restored Writing Instruments at sensible prices! – today Montblancs, Sheaffers and Parker75’s all added

14th December

Conway Stewarts, Summits, early Watermans and More Vacumatics added

7th December

More early Parker Vacumatics added along with Duovacs, Mentmore, Burnham, Conways and Wyverns

3rd December

Beautiful Early Watermans and Parker Vacumatics added

23rd November

Mint Unused Parker 51’s, Esterbrook Relief’s, Early Sheaffers and Onotos all added

16th November

Complete collection of Mabie todds added including 3 SOLID Gold pens. In addition some very rare and interesting pens added under “Other Rarities”

9th November

late Watermans, Parker 65’s and Mabie todds added

1st November

Early parker Duofolds, Esterbrooks and a complete collection of Conway Stewarts added

23rd October

Complete collection of Burnhams added

19th October

Complete collection of Cross Pens added including Sterling Silver Items. Burnhams, Early Mabie Todds, and Pencils also added

11th October

Stunning Early Mabie Todd Dip Pen added. More Yard O Led’s. Parker 51’s, 61’s and post war added along with a complete collection of Sonnets

4th October

Rare Conways added – Including A Floral – Solid Gold Parker 61’s added. A complete collection of Yard O Leds added making our range the largest on the Net. Sheaffer pages now split into 3 sub sections and many late sheaffers added

3rd October

Complete Collection of Montblancs added

21st September

Parkers and a complete collection of post War Watermans added

14th September

Some Scarce “other Rariries” added along with Parkers and French Watermans

6th September

Early Parker Duofolds, Smaller British and Parker 51’s added

30th August

Complete Collection of Early British,  Mentmore and some Scarce Early Items under “other Rarities” all added

23rd August

Rare Prototype Conway, Wyverns, Burnham set, Scarce Parker 51 Set and Sheaffer Snorkels added

14th August

Early Stunning Conway Stewart Set added as well as Early Mabie Todds

9th August

Over 30 pens added including – Montblanc, Scarce Montegrappa’s in solid Silver, Onoto, Rotring, Smaller British, Dunhill and Parker Vacumatic

2nd August

Conway Stewarts, Yard O led, Parker Centennials and a complete collection of Montblancs added

19th July

Collection of early Onotos and Silver pencils added as well as Some early Montblancs and Sheaffers

13th July

100 Year Watermans, early scarce Conways and Burnhams added

6th July

Nice Selection of Early Conway Stewarts and Watermans added as well as an English  Solid Gold Waterman CF

29th June

Complete Large Collection of Watermans added with a new Page created for French Watermans – Jif-Waterman

21st June

RARE Early Watermans safety’s added along with Parker 51’s, 61’s and 65’s

12th June

Superb Collection of Conway Stewarts added including Cracked Ice, Tigers Eye and a Conway Stewart 100. Also Some scarce late Watermans added

6th June

Rare Early Watermans, Montblancs and Sonnet Ballpoints added

31st May

Collection of Sonnets, Conway Stewarts and Smaller British added

22nd May

More Early Conways added along with a beautiful Burnham Set and a few other nice items

16th May

Complete collection of Conway Stewarts added

8th May

Complete collection of MINT Post war Parkers added

2nd May

Complete collection of Safety Pens added in New Page

26th April

Collection of Smaller British and Mabie Todds added

13th April

Collection of Burnhams, early Mabie Todds and Parkers added

30th March

Complete collection of Mabie todds and early Parker 51’s added

23rd March

Another 35 items added including Yard O led, Montblanc, Parker Vacumatics and Early Watermans

16th March

over 40 new items added including Sheaffer,Parker, Rotring and Watermans

13th March

Complete collection of Sheaffer Snorkels and PFM’s added.

1st March 2018

Stunning collection of Special edition Mont Blanc and designer pens added as well as a collection of scarce model Duofold Centennials

15th February 2018

Over 30 new items added including collection of Conway Stewart Dinkies, Earl y Parker Vacumatics and a couple of rare Silver dip Pens.

12th February 2018

Complete collection of Yard O Led’s Added

9th February

Early Parker 51’s, Vacumatics and a very rare Early Parker ballpoint added. We are positive we now have the broadest range of Parker 51’s available on the net!

2nd February 2018

Collection of Parker 51’s added including rare early models

30th January 2018

Complete Collection of Early Parkers added including a Jack Knife and some very Early Hard Rubber Duofolds

26th January 2018

Complete collection of Parker Vacumatics added

23rd January

Complete collection of MINT Unused Parker 51’s and 61’s added as well us more beautiful Onoto’s

19th January 2018

4, Highly Collectable Stunning Special Edition Fountain Pens added including Parker 75, Parker Snake, Pilot Vanishing Point and Sheaffer Balance

17th January 2018

Over 20 new items added including Mint Conway Herringbone patterns and Mabie todd Lizard Skin

11th January 2018

Over 30 new items added including Parkers, Onotos and Conway Stewarts

21st December

.Many thanks for all the support over the last few weeks. A great many Vintage Writing instruments will have new owners on the 25th! – Today added Some beautiful Early Parker and Waterman Sets along with Parker 51’s, Stephens and a stunning Parker Moderne from 1932

13th December 2017

Early Onoto, Parker 65’s and complete collection of Parker 75’s added

8th December

Complete collection of Parker added including 61’s, 75’s and early Duofolds

29th November

3 Early Mont Blancs and a complete collection of Conway Stewarts added

24th November 2017

More Beautiful Early Swans, early parker Victories and a solid gold Wahl Eversharp added

15th November 2017

Complete collection Of Mabie Todds added

10th November

Complete Collection of Sheaffers added

3rd November

Beautiful Collection of Early Parkers added along with Wahl Eversharp, Sheaffer and Late Special Edition Conway Stewarts

27th October

Complete collection of Conway Stewarts added

17th October

Complete collection of Pelikans added along with rare Conways

13th October

Precious Metal Parker 61’s added together with Parker Centennials , Mabie todds and ST Duponts

6th October

Complete collection of Early Parker Duofolds Added , some in rare colours as well as a collection of hard to come by Conway Stewarts

29th September

Rare Limited Edition Mont Blanc,  2 stunning Watermans 92’s, Parker Maxima Vacumatics and some scarce Parker 61’s all added

20th September

A collection of Later Highly collectable, exceptional quality,  Watermans added in addition to a 9kt solid gold Parker 61

13th September

Collection of Beautiful Parker Victories Added

6th September

Sheaffers, Mabie Todd (including Rare Early Eyedropper), Mentmore and Conways all added

31st August

19 New Items added including Mabie Todd, Conway Stewart, Sheaffer and Parker 61’s

16th August

20 new items added including mint early Mont Blanc 149 and rare Jewels under Smaller British

8th August

Collection of Early Watermans Added

3rd August 2017

Over 20 new items added including ultra rare solid 9kt gold Watermans Ballpoint

28th July

Over 30 New fully restored fountain pens and pencils added

20th July

Beautiful Early Mabie Todds, a complete collection of Parker 51’s and Parker Centennials added

13th July

Complete Collection of Conway Stewarts Added along with some early Mabie todds and MINT Parker 61’s

6TH July

Sheaffer PFM,  Rare Parker Vacumatics, Mont Blanc 149 and Pristine 1927 Parker Duofold Special added

30th June

4 Highly Collectable Pens added. Onoto Magna, Parker 75 Limited Edition RMS Queen Elizabath, Parker Vacumatic Senior Maxima and Sheaffer PFM V TRIPLE Set. All in Outstanding Condition

23rd June

A whole new page “designer pens” has been added with beautiful rare Sterling silver pens. A very rare Early Namiki Dunhill has also been added as well as additions to Aurora, Parker, Cross, Sheaffer,Watermans and smaller British. 30 new items!!

16th June

Mint Unused Dunhills, Early Mabie Todds and Conways as well as Silver Yard O Leds added

5th June

Some Beautiful Solid 18kt gold pens added – Mabie Todd and Parker as well as some rare early Conways and Burnhams

1st June

Mabie Todd, Conway Stewart, Onoto and Parker Vacumatic all added

25th May

Nice selection of Mabie Todds, Conways and Smaller British added

18th May

Mabie Todd, Parker 61, Mont Blanc, Esterbrook all added to Plus a complete new Page Dedicated to Rotring writing instruments now Published

12th May

Mabie Todd, Watermans, nice early Centennial and Rare National Security added

4th May

Nice Early Conway Stewarts, Mabie Todd, Onoto and Parker Parkette added

26th April

Solid Silver late Yard O led’s, Stunning Conway Stewarts and Parkers added

18th April

Very nice Early Vacumatics added along with many other Parkers

12th April

Another Exotic Skin Wyvern Set Added and a Superb Early Mabie Todd Swan Eyedropper

6th April

Complete Collection of Rare Wyvern Exotic Skin Fountain Pens added along with a large collection of Burnhams

31st March

Complete collection Of Sonnets added ,a few very Early Watermans and a superb Diamond Cut Sterling Silver Sheaffer Imperial SET

28th March

Complete collection of New Old Stock Parkers and Watermans added and an Empire State Special edition Parker 51

22nd March

Scarce Full size Televisor, some rare Small English Manufactures examples and many Parkers added

14th March

Some very Rare Parker Duofolds, Mint Vacumatics, a Summit Snake Skin and many Mint Eyedroppers added

8th March

Added Rare Parker Duofold Mandarin Yellow Centennial, sheaffers and rare Esterbrook Relief

3rd March

Parker 51’s and Sheaffer Ladies added

22nd Feb

Rare Parker Centennial Triple Set added. Also some beautiful Mint Sheaffers along with many other Mont Blancs and Conways

10th Feb

Parker 51’s added including 2 rare Ballpoints

7th Feb

Parkers, Yard O Led and Vintage Pencils added

31st Jan

Over 20 new Items added!

24th Jan

Mabie Todd and collection of rare Mentmores added

13th Jan

Complete Collection Of Esterbrooks, Wyverns, Conways, Burnhams and Sheaffers added

11th Jan

Many more items added included some early Pencils, Conways, Mabie Todd, Watermans and Valentines

2nd Jan

Happy New Year!

Wyvern Collection added along with Beautiful Parker Vacumatic Maxima SET and more Post War Parkers.

22nd December

Many thanks for all the orders this year and over the last few weeks. By far our best year yet! Next year we will be concentrating on buying more collections and expanding our range .  Just added  Early Sheaffer piston fills and a wonderful MINT Blue Marble Esterbrook Relief

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