Designer Pens

A selection of Beautiful, superb quality pens from famous designers Such as Christian Dior, Ferrari Da Varese and Omas

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Superb Davidoff Classic made by Omas in Black with gold filled trim. In Mint Condition. Piston Fill. Fitted with the original butter smooth 18kt gold medium tipped nib. Large, chunky pen measuring 150 mm long capped.



Solid Sterling Silver fountain pen by FERRARI DA VARESE. In Perfect Nr MINT condition. Substantial high quality pen fitted with the original medium tipped nib.



Stunning Large Solid Silver Ballpoint  by by FERRARI DA VARESE. In Perfect nr MINT condition. Works Perfectly



Chrisitan Dior Solid Silver Gold Filled Vermeil Purse Ballpoint in Perfect condition. Works perfectly. Measures 95 mm capped


Beautiful Limited Edition Marlen HTF Geneve Noblesse in Solid Sterling Silver. In Absolute MINT Unused condition. Fitted with the original super smooth 18kt white gold medium tipped nib. High Quality, extremely collectable pen. Complete with Converter


£ 445

Superb Visconti Rembrandt Ballpoint in Black . MINT Unused condition in original box and outer


£ 55

Graf Von Faber- Castell Classic Fountain Pen in Platinum fill. In Absolute MINT Unused condition in Original Box with papers and outer. As new Condition. Fitted with the original twin tone 18kt gold, butter smooth medium tipped nib. Exceptional, heavy stunning pen.


Graf Von Faber- Castell Classic Rollerball Pen in Platinum fill and Fine Barley Silver. In Near MINT  condition – one small ding on barrel. Works Perfectly



Faber Castell Ambition Opart Ballpoint in Black sand and Chrome. MINT UNUSED In original Box.



Faber Castell e-motion in Dark Wood and Chrome. NEW OLD STOCK in original box.