Vintage Ballpoints

The concept of the ballpoint pen dates to the early 1800’s but very few were made before the 1940’s. This is due to the complexities involved in making them. The major problem areas were the size of the ball and most importantly, the Ink. This was perfected over the following 25 years.

We have now developed a system for converting Early vintage Ballpoints to work with Cross refills therefore we feel it is time to offer these beautiful Ballpoints to use and collect. Most ballpoints made after 1970 can still be used with refills still available today

High Quality Solid Sterling Silver Ballpoint in fine barley pattern. In Nr MINT condition. Works perfectly.



Superb Sterling Silver German Ballpoint. Marked “150 Jahre Widmann “. In MINT Condition with a new refill  – refills readily available. Measures 131mm Long.



Superb Fend Super Norma SET In Rolled Gold. Ballpoint and Pencil. Both in Mint condition except for the pencil nozzle which has a few marks on it. Both work perfectly and refills are still available for the pen. Purse size at 97 mm long. High Quality set made in Germany.



Scarce Papermate Lady Pen in Burgundy Laque and Gold fill. In Absolute MINT Unused condition in original Box. Works Perfectly.



Spacetec Pen by diplomat in Chrome. MINT in original Box.



Spacetec Pen by diplomat in Gun Metal. In Mint condition.