In 1906 Alfred Nehemias, a Hamburg banker and August Eberstein, a Berlin engineer, concluded an agreement to manufacture the newly invented fountain pen and established a factory in Hamburg

In 1909 The first Montblanc fountain pen was launched. This new writing instrument featured significant improvements, and its name was chosen – so the story goes – to represent its peak of technical achievement and highest European craftsmanship

Ever since then Montblanc have been renowned for quality and design. The early pens and particularly pens from the 1920’s to the 1930’s have been highly sought after by collectors. Later pens have been issued in limited editions and the later  Meisterstück range are superb every day writers

Rare Montblanc No 2 Short Octagonal safety Pen  in Black Hard Rubber. In Perfect condition.  Fitted with the original number 2 14kt gold full flex broad tipped nib. Measures 113 mm long capped.



Exceptionally rare Montblanc safety Pen with 18kt gold fill overlay. Hand engraved floral pattern. In Superb condition with no damage other than a small chip in the enamel of the white star and a couple of scuff marks on the overlay. Fitted with the original number 4 14kt gold full flex, wet noodle, fine tipped nib giving a wonderful writing style. Measures 113 mm long capped.



Rare Montblanc 234 1/2 in Black  with gold filled trim. In Near MINT condition with clear Amber Section. Pre War Meisterstuck Clip Version. Pump Fill. Fitted with the original 14kt gold medium tipped nib



Montblanc Noblesse Rollerball in Satin Stainless. In Nr Mint condition with just a small amount of plate loss on the Nozzle.



Montblanc Noblesse Fountain Pen in Black Laque with gold filled trim. In Absolute Mint Unused condition in original box with papers.  Fitted with the original 18kt fine tipped nib. Cartridge fill but complete with converter


Montblanc Meisterstuck Fine Point Pencil in Black with gold filled trim. In absolute MINT Condition.



Montblanc Meisterstuck Rollerball in Black with gold filled trim. In absolute MINT Condition.



Montblanc Meisterstuck Ballpoint Pen in Black with gold filled trim. In absolute MINT Condition.



Magnificent Meisterstuck 149  Fountain Pen in Black with Gold fill trim. In Absolute MINT  Unused Condition . Fitted with the original 14kt, twin tone medium to fine tipped nib.



Stunning Montblanc Limited Edition F Dostoevsky Fountain Pen in Etched Black and gold filled trim. one of only 16300 made. This pen has never been inked and is in MINT Unused condition with original Box, outer and paperwork.  Fitted with the original 18kt, medium  tipped nib.



Montblanc Leather case in Thick Black Leather. In Perfect Near Mint condition. Holds up to three pens. Measures 160 mm by 46 mm.