We have put together a beautiful collection of high quality Inkwells and stands. All have the correct Glass inserts so not only do they look wonderful they are practical as well!

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WMF is the abbreviation for Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik, which in English means Wurtemberg Metalware Factory

This German Manufacturer is highly regarded

The WMF silver-plated production made in around 1900-1910 is extremely popular among western antiques collectors. This is because items made are considered as the best  examples of the Art Nouveau style


WMF Art Nouveau  Britannia Metal Inkwell and Stand. . In Good condition with no dents or damage. Measures 125 mm wide by 49 mm maximum depth





Heavy Square Cast Brass Inkwell. In Perfect Condition. Measures 120 mm wide by 120 mm





German Solid Silver Circular Ink Well. (Silver Plated Base). Enameled Horse shoe emblem on the top.  In Perfect condition. Measures 81 mm in diameter.





Large Silver Circular inkwell. With French hallmark and “Franzi”. In Good condition.  Measures 175 mm in Diameter





Pair of  flip top Nickel Silver inkwells with black hard rubber liners. Both work perfectly. Measure 75 mm square.





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